Declaration for veterinary goods (live animals, products with animal origin and foodstuffs). These goods must be inspected at import by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Customs value

The value of the goods up to the border of the EU. To determine the correct customs value, different methods can be used such as: transaction value of the imported goods, transaction value identical / similar goods, backfill method, calculated value method and reasonable means


Delivery agreements between buyer and seller. Incoterms, among other things, are arranged for whose transport and insurance costs. They can roughly be divided into maritime, air transport and other. The maritime incoterms are: FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF. The incoterms for air freight: CPT. The other incoterms: EXW, FCA, DAP, DAT, DDP. In practice, these incoterms are often used interchangeably.

Non Manipulation certificate

Document then serves as proof that the goods have not been manipulated during the customs transport or that irregularities have been detected. This document is mainly used in transit. This document has always been endorsed by Customs.

Certificate of Origin (CVO)

Non preferential origin document. No reduced or zero rate can be obtained with a CVO. However, several countries require that a certificate of origin be present with the goods, for example for commercial policy reasons.


The same principle as a EUR1. Used in trade between the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean countries and offers additional possibilities with regard to cumulative origin requirements.


Preferential origin document which can effect a reduced or 0 tariff in the country of import. Used in bilateral agreements between the EU and EFTA / third countries.

Confirmation of Exit (CoE)

In the case of export, the declarant receives this electronic message via the Customs system AGS. The office of exit confirms that the goods have left the territory of the EU. CoE is very important for the exporter with a view to VAT. Prove that the goods have left the EU

Permission for removal

On import (free traffic) the declarant receives this electronic message means the Customs system AGS. The goods may be taken away

DTV / usage rate

Each product can be classified according DTV (Customs Tariff Provision). A classified product has a code. The system is subdivided into Harmonized System mail (6 digits, worldwide according to World Trade Organization), Combined Nomenclature (8 digits, EU), further specified Taric code consisting of 10 digits