Contract Direct Representation (DR)

Agreement between the representative (customs agent) and represented (importer or exporter, third party). The representative authorizes representative to do from his / her name and account, customs declaration.


Origin document used in trade between the E.U. and Turkey. This contains information about the shipment and is signed by the customs or the exporter or his representative, only i.c.m. with the right permits. In the case of incoming goods accompanied by A.TR, a reduced or zero rate can be introduced

Permission for removal

On import (free traffic) the declarant receives this electronic message means the Customs system AGS. The goods may be taken away

Commodity code

Ieder product is in te delen volgen DTV (Douane Tarief Voorziening). Een ingedeeld product heeft een code. Het systeem is onderverdeeld in Geharmoniseerd Systeem post (6 cijfers, wereldwijd volgens World Trade Organization), Gecombineerde Nomenclatuur (8 cijfers, EU), verder gespecificeerd Taric code welke bestaat uit 10 cijfers

Import duties

The European tax levied on goods from outside the EU.


The import of goods from outside the EU